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Borrowing and renewal


Books, magazines, LPs, audio and video recordings, CDs and DVDs, computer games, e-readers - 21 days
Board games - 7 days
Last half-year magazines, CD-ROMs and books in high demand - 7 days
Books for inside loan - 1 day


If the sum of your fines is more than 5 euros, you will not be able to borrow items from the library. For children up to 16 years (inclusive) and readers over 65 years, the fine limit is 2.5 euros.


You can return library items to any Tartu City Library service point.
Books can also be returned to the return boxes located at the library entrances (at the main building, Annelinna, Tammelinna, Karlova-Ropka and Ilmatsalu branches) and to the Smart locker in front of the Kompanii 3 building (returning to the Smart locker requires self-identification with a library or student card or ID card).


NB! When you return the books to the return box or the Smart locker, they are not immediately automatically removed from your account, the librarian must first check them in, and therefore it is possible that you will be sent an early morning automatic reminder about the books that have already been returned.


You can place hold on items that have been lended out.
Items and magazines which are being processed or which have a 24-hour loan period cannot be placed hold on.
You can place the hold in the ESTER e-catalogue and on site in the library.
When the copy you ordered arrives at the pick-up location, we will send you an e-mail or, if you wish, an SMS message (message price 0.15 euros).
The library keeps the requested item on the holdshelf for the reader for 3 days from the time of sending the notification.


NB! If you yourself are not able to pick up the books during the specified days, another person can pick them up, but only on the basis of a written authorization given by you. In addition, the person must also be a reader of our library. Authorization must also be shown if the person is a member of your family.
AUTHORIZATION form to be completed with LibreOffice or to be completed with MSWord or to be completed by hand (pdf).
To submit electronically, send the digitally signed authorization to



If you want to authorize someone to go to the library instead of you not only once, but for a longer period of time, then it would be wise to create linked patrons. Read more on Linked patrons.



  • Library bags - loan period 21 days. Available in all departments.
  • Board games - loan period 7 days. The loan cannot be renewed. Must be returned to the same department from which they were borrowed. Available in the children's and youth department and branch libraries.
  • E-readers - loan period 21 days. The loan cannot be renewed. Available in the non-fiction department on the 3rd floor of the main building and from branch collections. You can find them in the ESTER e-catalog with the keyword "e-reader". Read more about additional accessories.
  • Musical instruments - loan period 21 days. Available in the music department. The name of the service is instrument introduction. Return to the music department. Read more about the introduction to the instrument.
  • Seeds - read more about the Seed Library.


The deadline for most items can be renewed ten times if there are no holds placed on them.

The renewal period is as long as the rental period (21 days).


You can renew:

  • presenting your reader's card or ID card at each Tartu City Library service point,
  • by calling 7361 380 during library opening hours,
  • by sending an e-mail with your full name, library card number or ID card number and the renewal request to; within 24 hours (those sent on the weekend will be answered by Monday) you will be notified by e-mail of the new deadline or
  • using the e-catalog logging in My ESTER. To do this, you need a library card and a password or ID card or Mobile ID or Smart ID. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot your password?" link on the e-catalog login page. In this case, you must enter your personal code, after which a message and a link will be sent to the e-mail address in your reader account, which can be used to set a new password within 3 hours. The old password will only be changed if you have entered the new password twice on the page opened via the link sent in the e-mail.

Not renewable:

  • magazines of the last half-year,
  • books that have holds placed on them,
  • books in high demand,
  • e-readers,
  • items with a 7-day or 24-hour loan term.

Also the deadline cannot be renewed if (see error-messages in the online catalog):

  • 10 days have not passed since the moment of borrowing (error message "Renewal possible later");
  • if you have already renewed ten times (error message "Too many renewals");
  • if the loan term of the information you have borrowed is 1 day or 7 days (error message "Renewal not allowed");
  • if the amount of your fines is more than 5 euros (error message "Renewal is not possible");
  • if your reader account or reader card has expired (error message "Your user account is expiring (expired), data cannot be updated"). To update your data, log in with your ID card, Mobile ID, Smart ID or go to the library.