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Contactless Borrowing


It is possible to request the desired books in e-catalogue ESTER before visiting the library. To do this, log into your reader account. Detailed instructions on how to order can be found here.



You don't necessarily have to come to pick up the books you want.

  • You can also write an authorization to a trusted person. The authorization can be on paper or digital. You can download the authorization form to fill in with LibreOffice or to fill in with MSWord or to fill in by hand. The digitally signed authorization can be sent to
  • Use Linked Patrons (the book you ordered can be picked up by a reader with whom your reader account is connected in the library program). You can read more about Linked Patrons here.
  • Request books to the parcel machine (you have to pay the shipping fee yourself).
  • Request books to the Lending Locker.

The loan term can be renewed without leaving home in three ways:

  • by using your reader account in the e-catalogue ESTER,
  • by calling 7361380 during library opening hours,
  • by sending an e-mail to

Use bank transfer as the first option when paying fines or for paid services. Read more here.






The Smart Locker is located in front of the Tartu City Library main building at Kompanii 3 next to the bicycle parking lot and works 24/7.

  • You can request books to Smart Locker through e-kataloogi ESTER. When ordering the books, select Tartu City Library Smart Locker as the lending point.
  • You can order up to seven books at a time, taking into account the capacity of the lockers.
  • We ask you to pick up the books after receiving the confirmation by e-mail that the book has reached the locker.
  • To pick up the books, insert the ID card or scan the barcode of the reader card or student card and follow the instructions on the locker screen.
  • The requested items will be kept in the locker for three days from the date of sending the notice. You can print a note with the loan due date from the locker printer.


  • To return, insert the ID card or scan the bar code of the reader card or student card and follow the instructions on the locker screen.
  • When returning multiple books at the same time, after identifying yourself, scan the barcodes of all the books to be returned and put the books together in one locker and close the locker door.
  • You can print a note for returned books from the locker printer.
  • The books returned to the Smart Locker are not removed from the reader's account automatically, but after some time, because the books returned to the Smart Locker are checked in by a librarian.
  • You can return books if there is free space available in the locker.



  • The service is paid for by the reader and the cost depends on the price list of the Omniva parcel machine, because the reader pays when receiving the package.
  • The user of the service must be a reader of the Tartu City Library. You can register as a reader through e-catalogue ESTER.
  • You can request books to the following Omniva parcel machines in the city of Tartu:
    • Tartu Anne Selver
    • Tartu Kvartal Center
    • Tartu Rimi in Rebase Street
    • Tartu Veeriku Selver
    • Tartu Lõunakeskus (South Center)
    • Tartu Selver in Vahi Street
  • In the e-catalogue ESTER, you can request only the Tartu City Library items available and on the shelf in the main building. To request, you must log in to the e-catalogue. You can request up to 5 items at a time.
  • If you do not pick up the package, the shipping cost will be added to the balance owed on your reader account.
  • You can return borrowed books to the book return boxes of the Tartu City Library.
  • The reader is obliged to follow the rules of use of the Tartu City Library.
  • Additional information tel. 736 1392, e-mail: