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Borrowing from Another Library


Ordering form for readers and libraries

NB! Due to technical reasons, the order form is currently not working. To order, please send an e-mail to, to order from the music department,


Through Interlibrary Lending (ILL) , it is possible to request literature from other libraries in Estonia (excluding Tartu libraries) that is missing from our library.


The terms (usually 2-4 weeks) and conditions for using items from another library is determined by the sending library, the term cannot be renewed. If the sending library allows the book to be used only in the reading room, we will not lend it home.

We will notify you by phone or e-mail about the arrival of the requested materials. The reader pays the postage for requested items and the returning shipment.


What cannot be requested through the ILL service:

  • reference books, unique copies, newspapers
  • electronic items.


Placing a request:

When ordering, please check the materials in the ESTER e-catalogue. If the necessary item is not found in our collections, please contact the relevant department offering the ILL service.


The ILL service is mediated by:
non-fiction and fiction: the non-fiction department on the 3rd floor
music literature: music department on the 4th floor


To request, you must provide the following information:

  • 1) the author of the book
  • 2) the title of the book/magazine
  • 3) place of publishing
  • 4) year of publication
  • 5) volume
  • 6) issue
  • 7) page
  • 8) author of the article
  • 9) title of the article
  • 10) ISBN/ISSN
  • 11) additional information
  • 12) permanent link to the record in ESTER

and details of the requesting library:

  • 13) name of the library
  • 14) address of the library
  • 15) contact person
  • 16) phone number
  • 17) e-mail address


To complete the request, pick up or return the item, please contact the librarian of the relevant department.

Requesting from our library

Other libraries (excluding Tartu libraries) can request copies of books, magazines, scores and articles from our library through ILL. When requesting more than 25 copies, payment is made according to the current price list of paid services.


What cannot be requested from us through the ILL service:
As a rule, reference books, geographical maps, video and audio cassettes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs (except as a supplement to a book at the request of the reader), printed materials for on-site use cannot be ordered from our library through ILL.


The procedure for ordering, borrowing and sending items through ILL is determined by the Interlibrary Loan Guide (RT Annex 1999, 41, 552).