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Paid Services

Price list of paid services

Director's Directive No. 7


Taking as a basis § 30 subsection 3 of the Local Government Organization Act, § 5 of the Statute of the Tartu Oskar Lutsu City Library and the amendment of Tartu City Council Regulation No. 149 of 14.09.2017 "Tartu City Property Rules":

From March 7, 2024, prices for the paid services of the Tartu Oskar Lutsu City Library are:


1. Copying and printing                           Price (euro)

Black and white copying/printing   
     A4 (one-sided)                                    0.10
     A3 (one-sided)                                    0.20
     A4 (double-sided)                               0.20
     A3 (double-sided)                               0.40
Color copying/printing   
     A4 (one-sided)                                    0.50
     A3 (one-sided)                                    1.00
     A4 (double-sided)                               1.00
     A3 (double-sided)                               2.00

2. Scanning, saving and sending to e-mail (1 page)               0.50

3. Fine for delay (late day per unit)

     delayed day per issue                                                     0.06
     publications borrowed for children for 21 days (day)      0.01

4. Notifications sent to the reader (debt notification, notification ordered by the reader)  
     e-mail                                              free
     SMS                                                 0.15
     phone call                                        0.30
     simple letter                                     1.50
     registered letter                               6.00

5. Replacement of the reader's ticket in case of loss or damage                    3.00

6. Compensation for lost or destroyed publications that cannot be replaced by the reader

     Publications (except newspapers) are compensated on the basis of three times the library catalog price, but not less than 20 euros for adults and 10 euros for children's publications.
     Newspapers, single newspaper issue                5.00
     In the case of loss/destruction of a particularly demanded and valuable publication, the Tartu City Library has the right to set the replacement price up to ten times.

     When replacing a lost/damaged publication, a processing fee must be paid       3.00


7. The material used in the activity rooms (3D printer filament, binding spirals, binding materials, lamination pockets, etc.) will be paid to the library according to the cost of the material and the purchase price.
In the activity rooms, there is a price list of the materials to use in a visible place for the reader.

8. Use of the parcel machine service when borrowing books

The subscriber pays the shipping costs according to the valid price list of the postal service. If the postal package is not picked up, the subscriber also pays the costs of returning the package.


9. Interlibrary Loan
The reader pays the costs of returning the requested publication according to the applicable postal rates.

10. Using workstations at public internet points for more than 2 hours a day
Hour                                          1.00  


11. Rent of premises

Central library 4th floor conference hall:*    
     hour                                               30.00
     day (10:00 - 18:00)                        150.00

Central library coffee room
     hour                                              25.00
     day Mon-Fri (10:00 -18:00)           120.00

Annelinna branch library auditorium (with data projector)
     hour                                        15.00
     day (10:00 -18:00)                   100.00


Karlova-Ropka branch library meeting room   
     hour                                        15.00
     day (10:00 -18:00)                   100.00


Tammelinna branch library meeting room (with data projector)
     hour                                        15.00
     day (10:00 -18:00)                  100.00


* The use of the computer and data projector, as well as the use of audio equipment (microphones, speakers) in the central library 4th floor conference hall, is agreed separately, additional fee 5.00 per hour, 25.00 per day.
Library technical support assistance (if possible) - additional fee 7.00 per hour, 50.00 per day.
12. Ordered events (room rent + execution, content to be agreed with the library)
     Central library conference hall on the 4th floor (hour)    50.00
     Annelinna branch library auditorium (hour)                    50.00
     Tammelinna branch library meeting room (hour)            50.00


13. Children and youth department puppet show  
     in the library Mon-Fri                                                     30.00
     in the library Sat                                                            50.00
     outside the library (transport by customer) Mon-Fri      40.00
     outside the library (transport by customer) Sat             60.00


14. Wrapping books in pellicle
     up to A4 format (pc)                               1.00
     up to A3 format (bigger than A4, pc)      2.00


15. Lamination

     A4 format (pcs)                                       1.00

     A3 format (pc)                                        2.00