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Tartu City Council Regulation




Tartu, 14 October 2010, No. 20

Rules of Tartu Public Library

The regulation is imposed under section 6 (3) 1) of the Local Government Organisation Act, section 16 of the Public Libraries Act and section 12 (1) of the Guidelines for Working Procedure of Public Libraries.

 Chapter 1



 § 1. Purpose of the Regulation

The purpose of the rules of Tartu Public Library (hereinafter: the Library) is to regulate the organisation of services and home service of the central and branch libraries, their departments, agencies and service units, and the rights and obligations of the readers.

 § 2. Registration of Readers

(1) Persons are registered as readers only once after they provide an identity document. The following data are to be submitted when registering as a reader:

1) given name and surname, 

2) personal identification code, 

3) place of residence, 

4) contact address(es), 

5) e-mail address,

6) telephone number; 

(2) Readers are obligated to notify the Library of changes in their personal information. 

(3) The Library is entitled to verify the information about the place of residence from the Estonian Population Register. 

(4) With their signature on registering as a reader, readers confirm their willingness to comply with the rules of the Library and their agreement to the use of personal information to the extent stipulated in the rules. 

(5) The right to borrow items assigned on registration as a reader will be renewed every year on the first visit to the Library by checking and updating the reader's personal information. The right of lending to debtors of the Library will be renewed after the payment of debts.

§ 3. Library Card

(1) Upon registration as a reader, a library card will be given to the readers free of charge. Readers have the right to borrow items only by presenting the library card. The library card may be substituted by an ID card. The price of a duplicate of the library card is stipulated in the price list of fee-charging services.

(2) It is forbidden to give one's library card to other persons. Readers are liable for the use of their library card. 

(3) Readers are obligated to notify immediately the Library of the loss of their library card. 

§ 4. Use of the Personal Information of Readers 

(1) The personal information of readers will be entered into the Tartu database of ESTER, the management system of libraries, which is used by those libraries in Tartu that belong to the Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network. Registering as a reader in the Library entitles the readers to use only the services of Tartu Public Library. 

(2) The personal information of readers will be used to identify the readers when providing library services and for statistical purposes.

(3) The Library ensures the protection of personal information and will not disclose users' information to third persons, except in cases specifically provided by the legislation. 

Chapter 2


§ 5. Foundation and Special Services

(1) The foundation services of the Library are lending for in-house use, home lending of items and granting access to public information through the public data communication network. Foundation services of the Library are free of charge. 

(2) The special services and their prices are stipulated in the price list of the services. 

§ 6. Use of Computers 

(1) The use of computers in the Library is regulated by rules for use of internet workplace, rules for use of wireless data communication network, and the guidelines for use of library's laptops, all of which are approved by directives of the director. 

(2) Registering as a reader is not required to use the computers. 

§ 7. In-house Use and Home Lending of Items 

(1) The items are lent for home lending and in-house use. Registered readers are entitled to use the home lending service; registration as a reader is not required for in-house use of items. 

(2) The total number of items lent to a reader is unlimited, but no more than ten music and video media and computer games may be borrowed. 

(3) Readers are entitled to authorise other persons to borrow items in their name with an unattested written authorisation. The form of the authorisation document will be approved by a directive of the director. 

(4) A security might be required for home lending an item, if: 

1) the place of residence of a reader entered into the population register is not City of Tartu; 

2) it is necessary due to the value of the item. 

§ 8. Loan periods

(1) Books and older magazines are generally home lent for 21 days. 

(2) The Library is also entitled to lend the items out for shorter periods. Items lent for shorter periods include: 

1) rare items or items in high demand, 

2) music and video media, 

3) items with which the library is insufficiently equipped, 

4) periodicals of the current year, 

5) computer games. 

(3) The Library may exceptionally also home lend an item designated for in-house use. 

§ 9. Extension

(1) Loan period of items borrowed for 21 days may be extended up to 10 times, unless the item has a waiting list. 

(2) The period may be extended via the web catalogue, by phone or e-mail. 

§ 10. My Ester services

(1) In the My Ester web catalogue (, readers of the Library may: 

1) look up the list of borrowed items, due dates, monetary debts arisen, and their progress in the waiting list; 

2) order items, register themselves into the waiting list of items; 

3) extend loan periods; 

4) change their personal information; 

5) use other services of the web catalogue. 

(2) The password necessary for the use of the web catalogue can be set up in the Library or via the web catalogue. 

§ 11. Waiting List

(1) Readers are entitled to register to the waiting list of items. 

(2) When the reader's entry in the waiting list is reached, they will be notified in a way chosen by them (by e-mail, SMS or phone). 

(3) Items ordered are kept for readers for three days. 

§ 12. Interlibrary Loan

Items not found in the library can be ordered via interlibrary loan (ILL) service from other libraries in Estonia (except the ones in Tartu). Postage and costs related to ordered copies will be incurred by the reader.

§ 13. Home Service

The Library will organise a home service free of charge to those residents of the City of Tartu who are unable to visit the Library due to their state of health, by their request.

Chapter 3


§ 14. Readers' Liability

(1) Readers are liable for items borrowed in their name and other technical equipment and inventory, the use of which has been granted to them. 

(2) Readers are obligated to check the condition of items when borrowing them. If damage to an item is discovered on its return, the last reader to have returned the item will be held liable. 

§ 15. Fee for the Delay

(1) The readers are obligated to return the items within the loan period. 

(2) If the loan period is exceeded, a fee is to be paid for the time in delay. The amount of the fee will be stipulated by an order of the department of culture.

(3) If a reader returns the item within three days following the due date, the Library is entitled to waive the right to charge the fee. The Library is also entitled to waive the right to charge the fee from readers who return the items for which the loan period has been exceeded in the course of a campaign organised for such returns.

§ 16. Compensation for Damage

(1) If a lent item is damaged or not returned, then it has to be substituted with the same item or another item necessary for the Library designated by a decision of the Library, or the price of the item has to be compensated for in the amount designated by the Library; the maximum amount of compensation is ten times the price of the item. 

(2) If a part of a set is damaged or lost, the Library is entitled to claim replacement or compensation for the whole set.

(3) Guidelines for the calculation of compensation for the price and substitution of an item damaged or not returned are approved by a directive of the director of the Library.

(4) Damage caused by readers under the age of 18 will be compensated for by their legal representatives.

§ 17. Compulsory Execution

(1) The Library will assign a time limit for the payment of sums referred to in sections 15 and 16. 

(2) A precept is issued by the city government for the payment of sums not paid by the time limit, with the warning of initiating proceedings of a compulsory execution, which will be carried out if the precept is not complied with. The possibility, term and procedure of challenging the precept will be noted in it. 

(3) If a reader does not comply with the precept within the term stipulated in the warning, the city government is entitled to issue a precept for compulsory execution under Code of Enforcement Procedure. 

(4) In case of persons under the age of 18, the precept will be presented to the legal representative of the child. 

§ 18. Limitation of the Right to Home Lending

(1) The Library is entitled to suspend a reader's right to home lending if the fee for delay in return of items exceeds a certain limit.

(2) The Library is entitled to deprive the readers, who have not substituted damaged or unreturned items or compensated for their price in the amount designated by the Library within six months, of the right to home lending for a maximum of one year starting from the date of return.

§ 19. Rules of Conduct in the Library

(1) It is forbidden for readers to breach the public order in any way, including erring against generally accepted customs and good manners, offending human dignity and the sense of morality within the society with their behaviour. In the above-mentioned case, the employees of the Library have the right to deny the services to such readers and demand that they leave the Library.

(2) The department for children and youth of the Library is designed for use by children and youth.

(3) Suggestions, opinions and complaints may be presented in the Library, via e-service on the home page of the Library or by phone. Complaints regarding the service will be resolved by the manager of the service department of the Library and the managers of branch libraries.

Chapter 4


§ 20. Repeal of a Regulation

The regulation No. 121 of Tartu City Council of 30 June 2005 “Approval of the rules of Tartu Public Library” is repealed.

§ 21. Entry into Force of the Regulation

The regulation will enter into force on 1 November 2010.


Triin Anette Kaasik

Deputy Chairman in the capacity of Chairman

Kompanii 3/5, Tartu 51004      Pikendamine: +372 736 1380       Sekretär: +372 736 1370