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ISE - Since January 2, 2009 a new database of Estonian articles “Index Scriptorum Estoniae ISE” is accessible to everyone. The database is compiled mostly from newspapers, journals, article collections and serials published in Estonia. Articles from foreign publications are registered if their author or subject matter is Estonian. The database also contains links to full texts. 
Starting from 1.01.2017 the database is updated selectively. Please search the articles also in portal DIGAR Eesti artiklid


 Tartu kodulugu - Tartu local history gives a survey of articles on Tartu published in periodicals.


 Tartu personaalia - Tartu personalia gives a survey of articles on people connected with Tartu.


 Tartu Linnaraamatukogu - Tartu Public Library gives a survey of articles on Tartu Public Library published in periodicals.


 Lasteluule andmebaas - Database of Children's Poetry describes collections of poetry published in Estonia, enables to search for poems on various subjects.

To the Database of Children's Poetry search page


 Muinasjuttude andmebaas - Database of Fairy Tales enables to find fairy tales on various subjects.

To the Database of Fairy Tales search page


 Tartu ilukirjanduses - Database Tartu in Fiction gives a survey of Tartu motifs in works of fiction.

To the Database Tartu in Fiction search page


 Muusikaartiklite andmebaas - Database of Articles on Music contains information about articles published in music journals in foreign languages.

To the Database of Articles on Music search page


 Väliseesti memuaarkirjanduse nimestik - List of memoirs by exiled Estonian authors gives a survey of the collections of exile Estonian literature in Tartu Public Library.


Databases that can be used in library network

- contains full text articles on social and humanitarian sciences, business and medicine.



The New Grove Dictionary - full text database on music. The database contains more than 50 000 articles including full texts from 29 volumes of The New Grove (2nd ed) as well as all articles from The New Grove Dictionary of Opera and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2nd ed). It is widely used by both academic and professional musicians and amateurs.


The Grove Art
- full text database on art. Contains the 34-volume “Dictionary of Art” (ed. by Jane Turne, 1996) and the reference book “The Oxford Companion to Western Art” (ed. by Hugh Bristocke, 2001) including an ample collection of illustrations.


Keelevara andmebaas
- Database of Language Treasure contains a selection of dictionaries.



- Interactive Database of Estonian Legislation contains full texts of laws in Estonian and Russian. (In order to log into the database please contact a library consultant.)



Keelenet - Language Net database contains online publications of various dictionaries by TEA publishing house.



E-raamatud - E-books includes juridical handbooks on Work Relations, Bookkeeping, Logistics, Financial Management, Staff Management, Administrative Guide, Project Management, Assistant Manager, Communication Guide. (To log in please contact a library consultant.)



TEA e-entsüklopeedia
- TEA e-encyclopedia, an online encyclopedia. (To log in please contact a library consultant.)



Ajakiri Director
- Director, e-magazine on management. (To log into the e-magazine please contact a library consultant.)



- The Scientist, Estonian e-encyclopedia for primary and secondary school students (accessible in library network).



Pp Personali Praktik - Personnel Practician, e-magazine on staff management. (To log in please contact a library consultant.)



Ajakiri Juridica
- Juridica e-magazine. (To log in please contact a library consultant.)



- e-magazine. 



Infoleht Palk - e-bulletin for information on salaries and taxes.



Subject databases with free access

Eesti Rahvusbibliograafia andmebaas - Estonian National Bibliography database compiled by National Library of Estonia



 Eesti ajakirjanduse bibliograafia (20.saj. I pool) - Bibliography of Estonian Periodicals (dating from 1st half of the 20th century) contains articles from older periodicals, compiled by Estonian Literary Museum



 DIGAR - digital archive compiled by National Library of Estonia.



 Eesti ajalehtede andmebaas - Database of Estonian Newspapers, database of digitized newspapers compiled by National Library of Estonia.



 EEVA - EEVA, digital repository of older Estonian literature including texts from the 13th century to middle-19th century. Compiled by Tartu University Library and Department of literature and folklore of Tartu University in partnership with Estonian Literary Museum.


ISIK (isikuandmebaas) - ISIK (database on persons), Estonian biographical database of persons and pseudonyms, compiled by Estonian Literary Museum.



 Eesti Keele Instituudi e-keelenõu - linguistic e-consultation by the Institute of Estonian Language.



 Riigi Teataja - full text database of Estonian legislation.




Tartu linna õigusaktid - full text database of legislative acts issued by Tartu City Government and Tartu City Council.



 Õiguskeel - Legaltext, contains dictionaries of legislative language and translations of legislative acts of the European Union. Estonian legislative acts in English and foreign ones in Estonian.



 Eesti filmi andmebaas - Estonian Movie Database, contains information about ca 15 000 movies and documentary newsreels produced by Estonian filmmakers throughout 100 years. National e-filmography is compiled by NGO Estonian Movie Database.


 Kreutzwaldi sajand - The Kreutzwald Century, interactive digital archive on cultural history including 19th century Estonian literature and events of the century of national awakening and the birth of national literature plus a thesaurus of Estonian and European writers born during the 19th century. Includes first full text e-publication of the Estonian national epic “Kalevipoeg”.


Eesti rahvaluule andmebaasid - Databases of Estonian Folklore, collected texts from Estonian folklore. References on proverbs, sayings, riddles, festive days of folk calendar, etc.


Estonica - Estonica, esseistic collection of references on Estonia including the subjects State, Economy, Education and Science, Nature.



 Rahvatantsude andmebaas - Database of Folk Dances, containing ca 2000 items of information about dance, music, sound carriers and audiovisual material (authors, settings, full titles, years, publishers).



Eesti Regilaulude andmebaas - Database of Estonian Runic Songs, contains texts of Estonian runic songs.



LORETA - LORETA, database of texts of vocal compositions translated into Estonian. Contains operas, oratorios, cantatas, songs and liturgical genres.



Marxists internet archive - database on the theory and history of Marxism, contains an encyclopedia of Marxism.



The World Factbook - data about all the countries of the world (two quick clicks to log in).


 VAU - virtual reading room, collocates databases from archives.




 Looduse leheküljed - Pages of Nature, materials in Estonian about the research, education and conservation of nature.




 The European Libraries - collocates web pages and catalogues of European national libraries.




  Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu otsinguportaal - Federated Search Portal of National Library of Estonia, collocates various catalogues and databases.



 Kodulooportaal - Portal of Local History, joint repository of information on local history of the Estonian public libraries.



Compiled by Halliki Jürma, Chief Specialist of Databases

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